R.I.P Irn Bru


we hardly knew ye. Post your favourite Irn Bru moments here:


Have they halved the girder content, though?


They’re going to bring it back as Irn Bru classic aren’t they?



Well the sugar free one tastes basically just as good so surely it’s a non issue


The time I mixed irn bru with rose wine and created the perfect wandy.


I really don’t like sugar free IRN BRU
It’s got a weird after taste which I can tolerate with Cola and Sprite but not Irn BRU.

I think it’s because IRN Bru = hangover cure = lots and lots of sugar


Ten minutes ago. Had just carried tonnes of stuff across london. Getting a bus and two trains home. Walking in the rain. 59p can of bru. Cannae beat it.


Yeah I’ll concede that, it’s great for hangovers.


A few fizzy drinks I like have gone this way recently (Rubicon, Ka) and its just not the same, there’s a weird aftertaste. If all drinks go this way I’ll probably just stop drinking them altogether (not a bad thing really)


Honestly think I drank way more bru when I was in 2 years in London than 10 in Scotland


As long as Club Mate/Fritz drinks stay the same :crossed_fingers:


Went on a long cycle ride along the new cycle path with the local priest and a bunch of other local kids. Was absolutely parched by the end of it. Priest says “don’t worry, Epimer’s mum gave me bottles of Irn Bru for everyone as a reward for getting to the end!” Palpable excitement in the group as he opens the bag.

It was diet Irn Bru.

Cycled back with everyone hating me. Thanks, mum.


because the sugar tax would make it way more expensive than other drinks?


28 years old he was.


2018 is cancelled, we’re jumping straight to 2019.


every now and again you think you quite admire the scottish with their relatively progressive politics, beautiful countryside, millenia of history and general all-round good standard of living.

then you spot a can of irn bru in a Londis and remember being English isn’t that bad.


Literally can’t imagine anything worse.


I’ll be having a cool glass of turnip juice thanks


Is having Irn Bru out of a glass bottle all that different to a tin or a plastic bottle?


Get the hell out of this thread. We’re mourning.