R.Whites Lemonade

Crap innit.

If you’re gonna offer me a lemonade you’d better make DAMN sure that mother fucker is cloudy

Planning on starting a soft drinks thread in the next few weeks


No it’s the best. Fucking amazing compared to your Schweppes and your 7ups.

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Schweppes > R Whites > Lowes > 7up

in my opinion.

Made ginger ale with mini stack today. Needs to sit overnight and then gets bottled, will keep you posted

Go fuck yourself


There’s elderflower in it imo. You probably haven’t noticed.

Forgot about Sprite. Yeah, that’s not bad in fairness.

I love elderflower

Really liked their ad as a kid. The secret lemonade drinker one. That and the bachelors soup one were my favourites


Elvis Costellos dad did that ad


Mediocre. Not a patch on cans of Old Jamaica ginger beer I put in the freezer, seize when they’re just about still liquid, then squeeze a bit o’ lime in.

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There’s loads of energy drinks I’d defend on @shrewbie s soft drink thread even though they’re now thought of by most as incel juice.

They used to be amazing pre sugar tax. Now undrinkable.

Sorry need to save this for shrewbies thread.

The ice lollies are :kissing_heart::ok_hand:

Always associate it with newsagents where they would sell Walkers Crisps straight out of a box like this

No matter how cold it is, it’s always warm. Weird that.


I’m with Tone on this one. Fucking dire.