Race Across The World - BBC2

Talk about it in here. Shoot.



Hi Theo

I have a friend who cycled to India and across it about ten years ago. Not sure what my point is, just that they should probably do that.

Just get in a cab slicky

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Prob go hot air balloon a la Phileas Fogg tbh.

Take some of his crisps and all. Do they still exist?

They were good weren’t they


I haven’t seen this, but I was sat in front of some people who are on it on a flight back from Singapore last year - I know this, because they were loudly telling literally everyone on the flight for the entire duration.

They were, without question, the most annoying, self-involved people I’ve ever encountered.


shit, thought this was at 8:30

Probably still going on?

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Just read the format - an hour of seeing who can get away with breaking international speed limits in cars the most?

Its 9pm but some of us need to catch up.

I liked the bit where the ladies couldn’t work out Ashford International Station and Paul Merton had to help


Do I need to have seen the first episode? Or can someone just provide a synopsis?

Yes you do.

Yeah that was great.

(He looked quite old though)


several teams of two are competing to see who can get to singapore first on a tight budget without flying

they’re all dickheads who can’t work trains. it’s great.

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The young kid is the best thing about this programme tbf. I’d watch it just for him. Total spanner.


Based on the first episode, guessing it was these two?

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