Race Across The World - BBC2

Those live watch threads from a couple of years ago are peak DiS imo

Back on the 8th,looks amaze




Get in :partying_face:



Wish they’d got the Mission Across Wales guy in as a contestant


Just read through the entire thread again. We really didn’t like Josh & Felix.

Them throwing a tant outside the finish still makes me laugh.

By the looks of the trailer it looks like its Mexico to Argentina maybe or vice versa?

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Didn’t they have a big row because one of them kept doing “a thing” with his hand or something?

Hope it’s the wall to Tierra Del Fuego

Totally here for this

Well up for this. Loved the first series.

Josh & Felix :laughing: what a couple of blithering idiots

Really like the 2 women who just sacked off the contest halfway through and went shopping.


Forgot about the 2 women that had a proper falling out in I want to say Baku because they were last and one of them was taking the trip to where her father had been stationed in Singapore. She’d had 40 years to make the bloody trip if she wanted to. She gave the other woman bigger daggers than oif they were on the Apprentice

Didn’t even wear the jackets when they finished either which I thought was the plan

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First episode of Series 2 @ 8pm tonight!

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There’s a new thread for S2

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Just finished the first season of this. Was a bit gutted that couple won, something very angry about them.