Race to make an EVENING thread

Hi. Have I made it?



Cleaned up the frame I found earlier and put M’s Magda Archer poster in it.

Really hungry but nothing in. Got some really bloody tedious work to do tonight


Just realised almost all the things in that photo (frame, desk, chair) are things I’ve found in the street.

Should probably become a rag and bone man.


Just made a cup of tea and took it in the living room, there’s another cup of tea there. Still hot. Like someone just made it :ghost:


The song Show Yourself from Frozen 2 is so fucking good

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Was that someone you?

It is! Lost in the Woods is probably my most listened to track this year :see_no_evil:

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I’m at work for another 3hrs or so. Wouldn’t mind a beer after but not sure if I should or not. Not in tomorrow, so a nice relaxing day of parenting in store.

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I’ve bought 3 shirts and a jumper in the past week even though I don’t go anywhere or see anyone anymore. WFH I’ve been wearing the same clothes for days at a time and digging out stuff that’s slightly not good enough to wear out anymore so new clothes seem a bit obsolete right now. Though I did genuinely think “ooh this jumper will look nice on Zoom”

Impossible I would have remembered Rich


I keep making dresses. I’ve worn a dress a handful of times since March :woman_shrugging:

Need to switch to making tracksuit bottoms and pyjamas

Chicken pesto pasta for tea and then the football event of the year.

Beef curry for dinner with meat leftover from yesterday’s roast. Was a real hit with the boy, mainly because I read the cooking instructions yesterday and sealed the beef in a pan before putting it in the oven, meaning that it didn’t dry out - I’ve always had disappointing beef at home, so this has been a revelation.

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I quite like the idea(created by these furnishings) that your daughter is home-schooled in an attic in Paris.

Girl, same


That desk has “i :heart: sex” written on it but I really can’t see myself ever sanding it down so need to cover it with some more graffiti, bit like when Johnny Depp changed his Winona tattoo.


How very bohemian.

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Hashtag: other nice things I’ve found in the street recently

Frames x 3

Candlesticks x 2


So many questions…

Did it say that when it was street treasure or has it been added by you after too many lemonades?
Is it currently obscured by the globe?
What could you change it to? Sextuplets? Sexagenarians?