Rachel Maddow will singlehandedly bring down Pres Trump


I’m on vacation, so I’m watching the pol news a lot. It’s completely engrossing. Now, I don’t hate republicans, as a rule. I’m libertarian, live and let live, eh. I like Shepard Smith on Fox, he’s good.

But Rachel Maddow, investigative journalist, is a cut above… Above everybody. Her journalism shows up on CNN the next day, but still she’s always a step ahead. I dun even care about her politics, she’s just an amazing journalist. And, she’s gonna bring down Donald Trump. You’ll see.

This is entertainment. DiScuss.


Her tax bombshell was a lame duck though, wasn’t it.


She is a complete and utter idiot. Sad.


Not for Trump. It revealed that he paid a larger percentage of his income in tax than Obama, the Clintons etc.

Proved he was a true patriot.