Racism, as a joke.

Tangentially related and probably one for the Things You Have Been Slow To Realise thread, but I was listening to a podcast about the Blue Album last night and was horrified to discover that the ‘your eyes are slit’ lyric in Buddy Holly is a reference to Rivers’ Asian girlfriend at the time. Always naively assumed ‘your tongue is twised, your eyes are slit’ line was him calling out some shiftiness. NINETEEN NINETY FOUR, FOR FUCK’S SAKE.

This basically. None of us are perfect but a little bit of reflection and awareness is hardly a revolutionary way to lead your life.


I think, in broad, hypothetical sweeping terms, for a society to progress, it sometimes means that there needs to be a temporary acceptance of some “collateral damage” until society has progressed to a point that the thing can be safely reintroduced or whatever?

Basically, people living through social change don’t get to see the results of those changes and, as such, they become short-sighted about the minor points that are enveloped within those wider changes.

I think this might be the most pointlessly sweeping post I’ve ever made.


I tell you summat though I’ll tell you summat. My mother in law…massive racist

Can I out-sweep you and say it’s the most pointlessly sweeping post anyone has ever made in the history of the internet? :slight_smile: / safety

Totally agree with this anyway. I just wonder whether in this particular example the anti-racist etc. art has the potential to do more good than harm, and even if it allows a few people to get away with shitty jokes then it also empowers, enlightens etc enough other people to balance it out in a utilitarian way.

All that is easy to say when I’m not going to be targeted by the jokes anyway, so mostly just theorising.

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Fun fact - there was a guy who kept making racist jokes (and was definitely a massive racist, whereas some other people would “laugh” at them but, when pressed, say they just wanted to fit in) in the football team I played for, so I asked him to stop, and he didn’t, so I left the football team.

Actually that’s just a fact, isn’t it.

Fun fact - someone should create an opposite “sad fact” category.

I’m just talking facts


Somebody else said it, but if you replaced ‘political correctness’ with ‘common decency’ in any sentence it suddenly becomes much clearer.


Nobody says “Political Correctness” anymore. It’s all about “Woke culture” these days.

Yeah, there are quite a few occasions where the argument is “well the joke is at the expense of the racist”, but how often does that land? Like, consider the anti-semitism in Borat or South Park - I think there are more people who come away quoting anti-semitic lines than learn to condemn antisemitism.


Really hard to think of Bruno as making fun of homophobia too
Even if that was the intention it’s just not what came over to me

You are so, so, so lucky.
Calling out family members for this shit RARELY results in this reaction imo.


Even mild and surreal stuff works that way. My mum was a teacher and that Blame Canada song really wore her down after a while since the kids would just chorus it at her all the time after the movie came out, ask her why her head kept flapping up and down. It’s a silly joke, except it’s not when you have to hear it every time you open your mouth and teenagers hear your accent.

If I tried to do this with my family it’d go terribly. My mum’s side are a big Buncha massive racists.

They’re almost all tradesmen so are a bit “they took our jobs!” Types

I realise this. Much easier said than done, especially when it comes to family.

It never comes out the right way when I do it

“ohh you never hear a single english speaker when you’re down the town, it’s all foreigners”


Sort of related: went to see a musical at the weekend with the in-laws at their local theatre. One of the characters sang the n-word towards the end a song, and most of the audience laughed. We were appalled but struggled to articulate properly to others afterwards why it wasn’t OK. They didn’t seem to see a problem and shrugged off our concerns which was pretty disheartening.