Racism in 2018

This makes me incredible sad/angry. How can this sort of vile abuse still be happening?

If the perpetrators can be identified then presumably they’ll be expelled ASAP - can’t see any other course of action.

Annoyed for her sake that they haven’t taken swifter action - I wouldn’t feel safe continuing to live there.

I just hope the University find out who it is and expel them. Furthermore I hope the police are involved and prosecute those vile shits. The video provides pretty damning evidence. The woman sticking up for her will know who it was and the woman herself will recognise the voices.

christ,. cannot imagine how awful that must be for her

it was good to see the police and an MP actively commenting her and asking her to report it though

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Unfortunately it seems like sociological studies suggest that no matter how multicultural, modern, liberal a country is it’s in times of deep inequality that racist abuse rears it’s ugly head. It needs to be stamped out and those perpetrating held to account, but in the long term it seems to be a structural problem. In all honesty I believe this country has at least as much racist and xenophobic feeling as say America but it’s covered up by a comparatively small amount of minority cultures and of course less firearms.


Glad they’ve been arrested. Stupid arseholes.

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hope all the sneering (t*ry) pricks who complain about snowflake millennials and their university safe spaces get a good look at that video.


You scripted this you say? :thinking:

I will accept my winnings in 2 crowns please. They don’t need to be flashy ones, gold plated is fine.


Awful. You can’t choose your flatemates in year 1. I thank my lucky stars I didn’t get stuck with bigots

what is the woman in the video saying about Martin Luther King?

Something along the lines of ‘Martin Luther King had a fucking dream and so do I’

Horrible, horrible stuff. Struggling to get my head around this. I’m utterly depressed about the state of modern Britain. I think we should replace most of the humans with animals. Not spiders or wasps though. Kittens or friendly bears would do the trick. Can that be arranged?