Racist sandwiches


Oh, you’re MPBH.


Coronation chicken is legitimately the brexit-est thing ever


quite tasty though tbf


Just read the article and she makes a pretty decent point. And everyone quoted who disagrees with her comes across as a massive cunt

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small bones, racist sandwiches


Political connotations aside, I can’t make up my mind as to whether I like a coronation chicken sandwich or not. Probably okay as part of a cold buffet lunch, but a bit much as a full sandwich.

too rich + sweet for a full sandwich double pack innit

Yep, exactly. And M&S use onion bread for theirs - altogether a bit much. Fine alongside a bit of pork pie though.

Don’t agree with what they’re saying as a rule, definitely do on that “right way to eat pho” thing.

There’s no pie in empire… oh, there is.


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out of interest, how are we all pronouncing Pho these days (using Fs cause I can’t think of words containing equivalent ‘Ph’ sounds

  • (Elmer) Fu(dd)
  • (friend or) Foe
  • Fo(ppyish)
  • Other

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Good piece. Bound to piss of some fascists.

Not going to folloow this ‘fur’ bollocks that came up last time round. I don’t call Paris ‘Parree’

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Isn’t it more of a ‘Fuh’ sort of sound. I obviously attempt to pronounce it as close to properly as I can because I’m not a massive bigot, but each to their own I guess

i like that sean kelly is the only person in the world that calls paris-roubaix “parriss-roubaix” and not “parree-roubaix”

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Have to be honest, when I read this:

“And if, in an age when basic civilisational freedoms are under threat, the next generation of highly educated students is devoting its attention to complaining about whether their lunch is authentic enough, God help us all.”

I have to agree. It’s a bit like when people ask me if I eat deep fried mars bars for lunch because I’m Scottish, yes it’s annoying but am I going to start complaining about it? No, I’ll get on with my life thanks.


Well you don’t seem very sure for someone who’s desperate to be culturally appropriate :smiley:

The honest answer is I probably have to say this word about 2x a year at most so I just say foe because that’s the established UK way we say it right now and if I said ‘fuhr’ then it would probably confuse things and its hard to remember when you’ve got to order something.

Still find it a bit weird that Michele Roux Jr pronounces Michelin ‘Mitchellin’ when he’s speaking English. I mean surely he says it correctly when he’s speaking French?