Racist sandwiches

nah, it’s the standard argument of ‘you can’t moan about x, because y is more important’ which is complete nonsense and is used to try to talk people down on loads of things. Obviously I don’t have a massive amount of knowledge on the subject matter but I think anything that attempts to make people more aware of cultural differences and sensitivities is roundly positive


Soup Nazi

Nah, classic deflection bollocks. It’s fine to be upset and to do something about more than one thing. And, you know, apart from anything else I would bet the person who said that is doing absolutely fuck all to try and protect basic civilisational freedoms that are under threat. (Note they haven’t even said what those are, it’s just used as a given for bashing progressives.

So something doesn’t piss you off and that means it shouldn’t piss anyone else off? Can you give us a list of things you care about so we can be sure not to overstep the mark by caring about something else?

One of those great articles that actually annoys the angry far-lefties more than those it was designed to call out meaning that us chilled-out entertainers can just sit here laughing at both sides and their ridiculously reactive opinions.

Microaggressions is a bit of a dangerous phrase I think. Like, it’s a pretty accurate description of something that just by giving it a label makes it seem a bit more serious than it is.


Oh man, had forgotten this one.

A gin for all of Africa!



Just think there’s a huge leap between getting international cuisine a bit wrong and calling it racist.

By all means point out inaccuracies if you care that much but getting upset about it is a bit precious imho.

No one seems that bothered that we’ve bastardised ‘Indian’ food, isn’t that double standards?

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Tea, as well.

It’s out of necessity. I anglicize Dutch names all the time when in England, otherwise no one would understand what i’m talking about. You probably haven’t noticed but the British are not very good when it comes to foreign languages.


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think they seem to be doing more of the former than the latter, though I haven’t listened to the podcast or anything obvs

The changes made to Indian food in the UK, much like italian food in the US, were mainly made by migrants from those countries so I don’t think this is a particularly relevant example


It’s fine as long as raisins are either not there or kept to an absolute minimum

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They put fucking APPLE in it in our school. Cunts

I can’t really believe I’m taking this position cos it winds me up no end when people take it on other issues, BUT

From reading that article (the only thing I’ve ever read on this subject) I can’t help suspect this Noche person is desperately trying to be upset about something in order to raise their own profile. Like, in every example they give, the person responsible for the microaggression has responded to feedback in an honest and positive way and corrected their mistake. What’s the problem here?


It made me think of that bike parking space guy having a go at Martin Clunes, who was like “yeah, but it’s not that bad in the grand scheme of things is it” and he was of course completely correct and the bloke obviously was creaming his pants thinking about the number of RTs he was gonna get for his stupid little video.


‘your young you will see things’ I am desperate to say that to some one!


And then a lady came and asked Clunesy when his new DVD was out. That cut through any sensible argument the motorcyclist had for me.

But I’m sure others say it correctly. In fact I thought within the industry it would be commonly pronounced that way.

Yeah, the UK is very odd. We’ve improved I think. In my mum’s day Nestlé was pronounced Nestles and obviously my point about Paris was more to highlight how it’s harder to improve older ways of saying foreign words, whereas for newer words coming into the language I think and effort is now made?

I don’t know much about Dutch words TBH. Are they particularly tricky or is it that the spelling vs how you say them is odd for us?

that updated Simpsons quotes thread makes so much more sense now