Rad182ead BOX CAR RACER and TRANSPLANTS at post 328

my brain is a puddle of hot gravy so ive decided to inflict a new listening club on you all as a treat to me and punishment to you. as we all know the bands Radiohead and Blink 182 have made some of the greatest music of all time, and they started about the same time, and they both have a ton of side projects. so we’re going to listen to a shit ton of their stupid music like the animals we are. we deserve this. you deserve this. a few things: we’re not going to listen to Aquabats or Alkaline Trio or Jonny Greenwood’s soundtrack albums coz i dont care about any of those things and i make the rules. and anyway theres literally a years worth of stuff here without them

brace yourself
Artist Title Year Ratings
Radiohead Pablo Honey 1993 1993/4 ratings)
Blink 182 Buddha 1994
Blink 182 Cheshire Cat 1995.1 1995 ratings
Radiohead The Bends 1995.2
Radiohead OK Computer 1997.1 1997 ratings
Blink 182 Dude Ranch 1997.2
Blink 182 Enema of the State 1999 1999/2000 ratings
Radiohead Kid A 2000
Radiohead Amnesiac 2001.1 2001 ratings
Blink 182 Take Off Your Pants and Jacket 2001.2
Blink 182 The Mark Tom and Travis Show 2000 Live albums
Radiohead I Might Be Wrong 2001
Box Car Racer Box Car Racer 2002.1 2002 ratings
Transplants Transplants 2002.2
Radiohead Hail To The Thief 2003.1 2003/5 ratings
Blink 182 Blink 182 2003.2
Transplants Haunted Cities 2005
Thom Yorke The Eraser 2006.1 2006 ratings
+44 When Your Heart Stops Beating 2006.2
Angels and Airwaves We Don’t Need to Whisper 2006.3
Radiohead In Rainbows 2007.1 2007 ratings
Angels and Airwaves I-Empire 2007.2
Angels and Airwaves Love 2010.1 2010 ratings
Philip Selway Familial 2010.2
Radiohead The King Of Limbs 2011.1 2011 ratings
Travis Barker Give the Drummer Some 2011.2
Blink 182 Neighbourhoods 2011.3
Angels and Airwaves Love part 2 2011.4
Jonny Greenwood and Krzysztof Penderecki Threnody For The Victims Of Hiroshima / Popcorn Superhet Receiver / Polymorphia / 48 Responses To Polymorphia 2012.1 2012 ratings
Blink 182 Dogs Eating Dogs 2012.2
Atoms For Peace Amok 2013.1 2013 ratings
Transplants In a Warzone 2013.2
Thom Yorke Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes 2014.1 2014 ratings
Philip Selway Weatherhouse 2014.2
Angels and Airwaves The Dream Walker 2014.3
Tom Delonge To the Stars 2015.1 2015 ratings
Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood and the Rajasthan Express Junun 2015.2
Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool 2016.1 2016 ratings
Blink 182 Califonia 2016.2
Philip Selway Let Me Go 2017.1 2017/18 ratings
Transplants Take Cover 2017.2
Thom Yorke Suspiria 2018
Simple Creatures Strange Love EP, Everything Opposite EP 2019.1 2019 ratings
Thom Yorke Anima 2019.2
Blink 182 Nine 2019.3
EOB Earth 2020 2020/21/22 ratings
Angels and Airwaves Lifeforms 2021
The Smile A Light For Attracting Attention 2022
Philip Selway Strange Dance 2023.1 2023 ratings
Dudu Tassa and Jonny Greenwood Jarak Qaribak 2023.2
Blink 182 One More Time 2023.3
The Smile Wall Of Eyes 2024.1 2024 ratings
Thom Yorke Confidenza 2024.2

there are obviously some that come out the same year, and 2011 has four releases (although none of them are classics tbh). so should we do a different record every week, or a different year every week?

  • a record a week
  • a year a week
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  • a record a year
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feel like i should point out that ive only heard thom’s radiohead side projects, and no blink albums post breakup, and no angels and airwaves or +44, and am confident that all of these will be bad

Ah a wonderful time with the Phil Selway solo albums. Only 4?!


yeah as if phil selway has that many solo albums. as if transplants have that many albums!

the main thing i want to get out of this is that when we get to the transplants albums we get lots of vocaroos of people doing tim armstrong impressions


Cannot wait for the Transplants covers EP


fortunately it only has to share its week with a phil segway album

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my word


Is there a way we could get the two bands to kiss?


Hadnt realised its 8 years since radiohead released an album. Lazy.

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Then I am out and good luck with your absolute sham of a listening club.


I love Radiohead and Blink 182 too.

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This is just stupid enough to work. Going to be a stretch to get through all of Pablo honey though…

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Hang on…

A covers album? Wut.

I am in for some of this most probably.

(Love this idea btw)

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by the end of the listening club these will be the lyrics to I Miss You and the two bands will have kissed


you’re free to listen to the fucking Aquabats if you want i dont even know how many of their albums Travis was on

i tell you what, it’s going to be some whiplash going through so many bangers up to the Blonk self titled and then WOW we have so long to go and so little to look forward to. taking bets now on when i lose my mind

we start on monday btw