Radio 1 in the year 2000

think he was quite gangly with specs if I remember right?

44 Giles Peterson?

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having just googled more images of him, I reckon you’re right!


I used to love Radio1

Dave Pearce’s Dance Anthems on Sunday nights

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Ah yes! good spot


Is 17 definitely Kershaw? I’m not sure it looks like him. Just dug about and he left Radio 1 in May 2000

Didn’t she use to do the early breakfast show?

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Is 18 Emma Forbes?
I don’t even know if she did a show on R1 but it looks a bit like her.

You can look through the archived schedules here, for ideas

there was a tv presenter called liz (I think) with dyed red hair around that time, who looks a bit like 32. can’t think what she was on, or her name, or if she was ever on radio.

she would’ve been on really naff stuff, like a second rate davina mcall.

Hmm… maybe not, actually.

Well remembered, I looked it up and she did Saturday breakfast, only joined October 2000.

Looking through those schedules is giving me a real nostalgic rush. I’m going to cut the grass and mull on the past.

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Having done a little digging, I think that number 32 is Sarah HB

I think no. 4 might be Clive Warren

Thought she was on that slot earlier than 2003 tbh. I used to do a morning paper round that I started around 6.30 and so remembered listening to her before the Breakfast show started

Mark Chapman/ Chappers #9

I forgot he did a stint at radio 1!

pretty sure this is right

He was one of Moyles’ sidemen - maybe he read their news?

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He was on Sara Cox and Scott Mills’ shows reading the sport on the morning Newsbeats, when Moyles was on in the afternoon.