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Radio GarGar

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This one just plays breakfast time radio

Been playing with this ever since Frank Black posted it on twitter yesterday

pretty cool listening to radio stations from around the globe but surprising (I guess it shouldn’t be surprising) just how much Christian Radio there is, churning out the Gospels 24/7 across the globe

Have been listening most to a Newark New Jersey based Jazz Station WBGO

the only problem is that they never tell you on air what they’ve played so I keep having to go to their website.

Their morning show (that’s on now) is a bit trad jazz and not so exciting but their ‘Jazz in the afternoon’ show that starts at 9pm GMT plays loads of deep cosmic 70s free jazz stuff mixed in with Nina Simone & Billie Holliday. Great stuff

West African pop radio is nice daytime listening too

Kind of insane just how much global culture is accessible from the comfort of your wfh

great, currently listening to bbc radio foyle

The Tune In Radio app offers this kinda stuff as well - no fancy map but you can browse by continent and then by country, or by broad styles. Supports casting as well.