Radio One’s Hottest Record of the Year 2021

Thoughts on this list?

I have heard one (Sam Fender) which feels about right demographically.

7 good songs on there. Not bad considering who produced it

Anz is the winner close the thread


In my opinion out of the ones I know I would rate them as…

  1. Wolf alice
  2. Charli xcx
  3. Little Simz
  4. Sigrid
  5. Sam Fender
  6. Griff

I don’t think I’ve heard it.

Fair play to Frank Carter like

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Anz, Little Simz & PinkPanthress are all great tunes. Anz prob for the win for me.

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Yeah just played it. I know it but never knew who it was. It’s a good track.

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Also George Riley should be a massive star. Her mixtape thing from this year was awesome.

And as great as that Anz tune is, it’s only her 2nd best this year. Massively hopeful her Spring / Summer tape pops up on Bandcamp tomorrow.


haven’t heard any of them, where do i collect my indie points?


Anz, Kojey, Pa Salieu and Little Simz would all be surprisingly good winners if it goes that way.

Even Wolf Alice had a minor return to form this year.

Wouldn’t fancy trusting the listeners though.

TBH he’s nothing without the Rattlesnakes.

I’ve heard of 7 of the artists!

Because everyone loves a poll!
Vote for up to three tracks…

  • Anz - you could be
  • Adele - easy on me
  • Billie eilish - your power
  • Central cee - obsessed with you
  • Charli XCX - Good ones
  • Doja/weeknd - you right
  • Ewan mcvicar - Tell me something
  • Frank Carter - my town
  • Fred again - Marea
  • Griff - Black Hole
  • Joy crookes - when you were mine
  • Kojey rad - war outside
  • Little simz - introvert
  • Pa salieu - bad
  • Paul woolford - HEAT
  • Pink Pantheress - I must apologise
  • Sam fender - seventeen going under
  • Sigrid - mirror
  • Tion Wayne - Wid it
  • Wolf Alice - How can I make it ok?

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Think I actually like Last Before Lights best (by Anz that is)

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The only one I’ve knowingly heard is Fred Again, which is so bad that I’d think it was a parody were it not for the people involved. Mad seeing people like Anz and Paul Woolford crop up on a list like this.

Mad in what way?