Radio Thread

Local radio is fascinating to me on some level.

A couple of the guys on Radio Northampton seem like total weapons, cannot believe the lack of self-awareness.

But how does it work (ordinarily not in the covid times)? Do they sit in front of a big console all day waiting to chime in with a couple of minutes of banter? Do they have to monitor the levels for everything and edit the website too? Can’t be much to do if you’re a radio guy who speaks for maybe 10 minutes an hour tops.

Anybody here ever been on local radio?

Bam do you remember when KCBC turned into Connect FM

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Graham Torrington’s Late Night Love

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I only remember Connect FM I’m afraid.

I think Connect FM is responsible for me thinking all 80s music is dreary and depressing

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For some reason BBC Northampton love interviewing ex mayors, love the excruciating way they have to seem interested in really boring local facts from people like that. The guy started going on about some kind of local legend of how God made a diamond fall from the sky and it landed in Bozeat and that’s why the county line is marked where it is or something. Outstandingly pointless stuff.

You’re listening to CJ and The Turd live for the morning stream on K-WIZZ 86.7 Michigan State. Wakka wakka! GO LIONS!

just a totally different world.

Must get a lot of lonely people call in to late night radio too

The Smooth Sanctuary on Smooth FM

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Holy shit not thought about that in years!

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Local radio is normally always shit. Only a couple of weeks ago the one local to me said that Losing My Religion is on Automatic For The People. Absolute cretins

I would have no idea about that. Can’t imagine people listen to local radio for music anyway mostly

It was on at work. I never listen to it through choice

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I’ve been on a few times: with work (previous job) and with various Foodbank bits. They always seem to have plenty to do, but maybe they were just looking busy.

They do have the two rooms with glass between them so that the show presenter can share a bit of banter with the news room. I like it.

Of course these days they’re all broadcasting from their spare rooms.


Always thought it would be a pretty fun job tbh, not really famous enough for anybody to care, every day is probably slightly different etc. Might be excruciating if you’re working with a real partridge type though