Radio X Best Of British 2021

Yeah, this is in part why I’m wondering if voting was write in, or from a pre-approved list. If the latter, then all you can ever do in is shuffle the previous year’s deck and perpetuate the station’s biases. I imagine the narrowness of the playlist means that anyone still listening to Radio X doesnt venture too far outside their template mind.

I remember my first inkling as a youngster that commercial stations don’t really let the listeners have too much control when our local one had a ‘request any song you want’ weekend. They kept promoting it with all the you request it, we’ll play it" fanfare. So my mate and I phoned up on our milk round, got straight through to the DJ (because it was about 5am!) and asked for History Repeating by Proellerheads. He told us it was something his nan would listen to, refused to play it and then put some crap on that he would have played anyway.


I guess the lack of even poppy punk bands like the clash or buzzcocks is because they don’t have proper haircuts.

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Does this mean Jamie T is posh then? I don’t know much about him but I thought his whole thing was that he’s a proper cockney chimney sweep.

Hard to say; while you do get a lot of chinless wonders in public school there also tends to be a few kids with aspirational parents and scholarship students mixing things up. We had kids from London, but also kids from all over the world; Spain, Thailand, Korea, Canada, Holland etc. One thing I can happily say about my school years was there was considerably higher diversity than people expect when you talk about public school.

It is quite a random list. Also the Keane 2006 cover of this is better imo, it uses piano synths which add a bit of a cleaner sound to it and the vocals are less cheesy. I’m sure someone will make fun of me for saying this but don’t knock it till you hear both versions.

Struggling to understand the implication that derailing an Oasis thread is a bad thing.


I think I counted 7 songs with women involved:

Two by Skunk Anansie, two by Amy Winehouse, the Faithless track, Unfinished Sympathy and Florence + The Machine.


I’ll make fun of you for saying that. :scream:

Some others that didn’t make the cut:

The Jam
The Clash
The Sex Pistols
Black Sabbath
My Vitriol


I voted in this… WAIT, come back!

There was a list of artists (far more comprehensive than what’s represented in the final standings) and then each one had a list of ‘pre-approved’ songs to choose from. Some artists might only have a couple of pre-approved songs, while some (Oasis) had basically their entire catalog.

I think I voted for:

Portishead - Roads (didn’t chart)
Doves - The Man Who Told Everything (didn’t chart)
The Streets - Weak Become Heroes (didn’t chart)

I actually listened to the countdown on-and-off throughout the day and I was quite impressed with how the DJs stayed upbeat and positive about the poll results, even as they introduced the seven thousandth Oasis song of the day. Definitely a tougher job than I had previously thought.


Give us a heads up next year, sure we can mobilise DiS to get something into 98th place.


Ahhh, ok. Was there a particularly wide selection of artists available?

I bet they put it in place to stop me paying a load of bots to get U Make Me Wanna by Blue onto the list.


Well, it’s still Radio X so I think having at least one guitar-centric tune was a pre-requisite in most cases. I guess there were some Mercury-friendly diversity too (Dizzee). And then some Chemical Brothers/Prodigy/Basement Jaxx big beat crossover stuff too.

No Blue unfortunately.

Just out of interest, do they do a Best of Non-British?

I’ve been losing my mind that Kate Bush isn’t included. I don’t even like her that much, but no Kate Bush? Absurd

Nothing by BRITISH sea power

Amazed Hard Fi, Razorlight or The Enemy didn’t make an appearance.


Still on the go, incredibly.

God, really? Christ…

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