Radiohead at Glastonbury

I wish Radiohead started playing normal venues again and doing actual tours instead of one off festival dates or shows in London where tickets are impossible to get hold of.


Yes! Haters be damned, I’m seeing Radiohead at Glastonbury!!!

I wish they’d hurry up and release lp10 ffs!

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A poon-shaped mule

nice work :thumbsup:

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I’m still waiting for TKOL part 2 dammit

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Too far. Not funny.

I didn’t mean actually “crushed”…

It just doesn’t feel right making jokes about stages, crushing, and Radiohead.

Sorry - did this happen IRL or something?

Bollocks. I’ll try and get my post taken down. Humble apologies (and I still didn’t mean crushed, just busy

Clearly accidental, just unfortunate!

(Your original comment, I mean)

Yeah, what MarsBar said! Just unfortunate!

Contacted the mods (and thanks for picking me up on it)…


This popped up on my fb feed earlier

Formed in 1995 and an album called In Paradise apparently

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Been doing an excellent Gasolina cover that will go down a treat on the Pyramid Stage