Radiohead Public Library

Loads of new (old) stuff on streaming services etc.

Radiohead Public Library: archive of band’s work goes live


Listening to that cassette that came with the OK Computer reissue for the first time. Some top, top noodling…

I pretty much bought the reissue just for this so I was, erm, “surprised” to see it’s up there for free…


Gotta be on streaming to be on the same footing as the rest of your ouvre I guess

Videos appear to be in 1080! Only looked at ‘Just’ so far though. Looks better than it did on YouTube.



Stereophonics Municipal Tip


Odd that they seem to have put some of Scotch Mist in that. Guess to really show how great they were at mixing.

I like the t-shirts!

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This drill EP is hilarious

Oh wow, I remember years ago they were on about releasing a DVD of a big long set they did at Bonnaroo 2006 but it never came out. Looks like it’s on here. Can’t wait to watch it. Early version of Videotape in HD!


Supergrass Swimming Baths

Reading 2009 in full for the first time as well!


‘Curated by Colin’

lovely stuff

Pretty sure In Rainbows Disc 2 ended up on Spotify in the end? The point is to have the physical stuff too.

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Tapes not on there

Has it gone down already?

Dunno why the link displays like this but it’s here

It’s weird what is there and what isn’t. Meeting People Is Easy is there, Most Gigantic Lying Mouth… doesn’t appear to be.

Btw if you click at the bottom of the screen under the gigs, where it says the date and venue name, a setlist pops up on the right. This is either blindingly obvious to everyone or only i have spotted it so far.

The Glastonbury 2003 and 97 shows appear to only be a couple of tracks, must be a BBC rights thing (haven’t checked 2017)