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Fuck me that might be the best version of The National Anthem I’ve ever heard.

Fuck it: it is!

Only watched a little bit tonight but Reckoner and No Surprises were amazing

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I loved how everyone was expecting Amnesiac to be a return to a more conventional sound and then discovered it had stuff like pulk/pull, hunting bears and spinning plates :sweat_smile:


Is Amnesiac another, sort of, case like KoL where some of the bsides would have made a better album if they’d replaced sone of its lesser cuts? Maybe. I certainly do love those bsides more than some of the album.

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Amazing Sounds of Orgy is a low-key favourite. Happy to sub out for Pulk or Morning Bell Amnesiac. Can’t think what else I’d be happy to lose though.

I actually quite like pulk pull. I’ve never warmed or seen the point of this morning bell, and for all I admire hunting bears I don’t love it and I’d do without it.

Amazing sounds of orgy, cuttooth and fog deserve a place I think.

Big fan (perhaps the only one) of Hunting Bears. Feels like a callback to the outro of I Might Be Wrong - like glue holding the record together. In its own it’s fairly slight but I wouldn’t have the album without it.


I can see that. It does feel like glue, and given it’s short length I wouldn’t begrudge it staying on due to context.

tonight’s show is not long after I saw em in Newport. Top night!

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I do wonder if the impact of Amnesiac was lessened for me because I’m pretty sure I was able to download mp3s of the individual tracks early through a fansite (was it At ease?). With Kid A I didn’t hear it properly til I got the CD. I think then hearing stuff like Hunting Bears on their own dampened my enthusiasm for the record. My opinion of it improved over time though

I’ve said this before and I’ll defend it to my dying breath: Amnesiac is just as good as kid a. Pyramid song and glass house are better than any individual kid a track which balances out the slight wobbles. It’s permanently under rated just cos it was perceived as kid a outtakes. If they’d been released the other way around Amnesiac would be considered the masterpiece.


Love how dark Amnesiac is. Better than Kid A for me


I see what you’re all saying but I think Kid A’s strength is it’s coherency. It’s a complete and whole work that just flows. I think that elevates it

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I think the best thing about these two records is I feel I’m not done with them yet. There’s still something endlessly fascinating about them, listening, thinking, talking about them. My opinion could still change, as it has for years.


The gig tonight’s pretty great eh.
Remember when some asked Ed last year why they didn’t mark the 20th of Kid A and he was like oh were thinking of doing something to celebrate both Kid A and Amnesiac.
Come on lads…

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I could see myself stumping for some fancy double vinyl reissue package of them

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I have em both, but if there was a big box with loads of extra stuff from the sessions for them both…
Aye I’m a mug.


Yep I have the IR, KoL, AMSP and the OKC vinyl anniversary vinyl specials. I got the Amnesiac and HTTT CD specials.I don’t own any of the Amnesiac bsides so those alone would swing it.

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Only one of those I don’t have is the OkC box cos a cassette wasn’t enough to entice me.
Aye Kid A and Amnesiac reissues on XL are 2lp. B-sides and unreleased stuff would be :+1: