Radiohead's 'A Moon Shaped Pool' de-alphabetised

Can DISers suggest a better track running order for ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’? Not that I claim I know better than the band or anything, but I’m assuming that Radiohead just did the lazy A-to-Z thing and it’s not just a coincidence or a cunning ruse whereby the carefully sequenced tracks were named to give the appearance of randomness (any thoughts on that?).

For example, ‘Daydreaming’ feels like a track four or five to me, ‘Present Tense’ would maybe make a better track two?


I think they should have put MMM on moon pools and taken off DID. Not tried it personally, but happen it would be right good

Also, I’ll tell you this for free, there’s nothing on the alnum that’s better than licking the butter knife

Jonny Greenwood said the order just happened to work that way and they spent ages going “but we can’t just put them in alphabetical order” and arguing about whether they should change to a less good order just to make it look less ridiculous.

before that i’d wondered if they’d picked some of the names for alphabetical reasons (i’m sure The Numbers was called something else at one point).

yeah Daydreaming shouldn’t be appearing anywhere near that early though. Burn The Witch into Decks Dark would have been nice

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Silent Spring aka the one with Jonny’s bit