Radiothread 2020

No Let Down = let down


Always though How To Disappear Completely went on a bit too long tbh. Polyethylene is also nice and all but just look at their other B-sides man… Gagging Order, How I Made My Millions… Talk Show Host…!!!


Doesn’t feel as long as its runtime imo. 3 verses and 3 choruses and then suddenly it’s nearly 6 minutes

Good to come across another person who understands Where I End and You Begin… utterly glorious


This is very very, very similar to what my list would look like.

This was hard and painful:

1 - Idioteque
2 - Reckoner
3 - Where I End and You Begin
4 - How to Disappear Completely
5 - There There
6 - Weird Fishes
7 - Daydreaming
8 - Lotus Flower
9 - Paranoid Android
10 - Motion Picture Soundtrack

Honourable mentions - Exit Music, National Anthem, most of the other music made by Radiohead from 1997 onwards

(except Morning Mr Magpie and Little by Little, they can get right in the bin)

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Best album closer?

  • Blow Out
  • Street Spirit (Fade Out)
  • The Tourist
  • Motion Picture Soundtrack
  • Life In a Glasshouse
  • A Wolf At the Door
  • Videotape
  • Separator
  • True Love Waits

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There There is my favourite Radiohead song, full stop. Invalid list.

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Sorry m9, you seem to be missing ‘Let Down’ from your list.

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As with many of their songs I feel certain that the Glasto version is the ultimate version


this is so hard

i’m going to say ‘the tourist’ tho


I’m glad ‘motion picture soundtrack’ is close in second place cause that’s a big contender

Always forget how good Separator is


Glad to see so much love for Let Down. Back in my early teens, my too-kool-for-skool friends used to think it was the weak link on OK Computer because it wasn’t miserable enough. I was made to feel like a pop-loving pariah for daring to think it was an album highlight. The late 90s were hard work sometimes…


Let Down is far from my favourite Radiohead song, wouldn’t crack the Top20. But I still appreciate how great it is and why it’s loved and the fact that it’s been left of the list is insane. Guardian, fuckd it.

Did they put Talk Show Host on there? *checks again. Nope. Fucked it.

King of Limbs is far better than it’s given credit for. Separator in particular is gorgeous.


first half is obviously going to alienate a lot of people and fair enough, but the second half doesn’t get enough credit for being gorgeous. Codex as well, like.

always feels like 2 EPs stuck together, to me. would maybe be rated more fairly if they’d been released that way.


Probably make more sense when TKOL2 comes out


The bass is so rad.

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Any day now…

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