Rae Morris - Someone Out There

Anyone else digging this? Similar electro-pop sensibilities to chvrches but leaning towards Taylor Swift or latter day Tegan and Sara catchiness. Pretty much had it on repeat since release and there’s so much going on that it feels like it will have proper staying power.

Someone talk to me about this record please!


Aye it’s very good. Not sure it’s quite up to Album of the Year standard (and I hope that Everything Everything tweet was written with a heavy amount of tongue in cheek) but it’s got a lot of bangers on there.

Push Me to my Limit is an unusual but brilliant opener for a pop bangers album, and all of tracks 1-7 are a romp. Think only the title track lets the side down tbh - sounds destined for an NatWest advert or worse.

Shame it came out at the same time as the Hookworms album because this is considerably better and would have maybe got some more attention if it hadn’t.

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Yeah I was thinking I might just delete the title track because it sticks out like a proper sore thumb. As you say, sounds written for a bank advert.

Think my favourite moment is the build up to the final chorus in Do It. Actually weirdly reminds me of the bridge to the last chorus of Blast Doors with the synths.

And the layered vocals at the end of Reborn :heart_eyes:

Yeah that build up in Do It is fantastic - really great tension-and-release.

Though they’re quite different albums, it definitely strikes me as being in the same ‘pop-done-well’ vein as Empress Of, which is pretty much my standard for the genre this decade*

*unless you count Grimes as pop, which is very different from either of these artists and not really comparable


Spotify recommended it to me and I completely ignored it but this thread means I am now* going to go and have a listen, Chvrches/Swift/Tegan and Sara tick a whole pile of my boxes.

*later, there’s a thing about weird Korean mudfish on the telly


That Korea nature documentary was bloody brilliant tbf

Radio 1 was describing it the other day as destined for a John Lewis Christmas advert (like that was a good thing)


Yeah that was my original thought but then it’s already too schmaltzy to need a shit Lily Allen cover so destined more for a bank advert I reckon.

Bump - too many folks sleeping on this.

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Atletico has not got a single like in the bangers thread. State of these boards.

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I’ve been listeing to this quite a lot. I like it. There’s a couple of real clunkers on there though.

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What is the clunker apart from the title track?

Ah, ha, yes the title track is one of them. Dancing With Character is the other. But maybe that’s just me.

Awwww I love that one - it’s pretty basic, but that works for me as a closer. Obvs you’re technically entitled to your opinion though.

No I’m not. This is DiS man, stand your ground. I’m glad we agree on the title track, it is Not Good.

It’s one of the greatest discrepancies in quality I’ve ever come across in terms of that vs. the rest of the album. I’ve straight-up deleted it from my iPod. It no longer exists.

In fact, I think the reason like Rose Garden so much is mainly due the relief that it’s finished.


Was listening to that at the weekend and I’m not sure that planting someone a rose garden to lay their had on is a nice thing to do. Rose thorns are dangerous!

What’s the first album like, worth a listen? I realise it’s on spotify and I could just listen to it but I’m a busy man.