Raffle prize receiving thread 🎁

One last bit of raffle business, let us know how you are enjoying your prizes as and when you get them! Also if any of those making custom things want to share some of the process that is cool too :slight_smile:

What dvds or books did you choose? How delicious were your snacks, hot sauce or booze? What animal has @The_Excession adopted for his daughter? How did your map turn out? What cool stuff did you see on your tour? What league is @jamos conquering on Football Manager 2019 (out now on PC, etc)? Can we hear your songs when they are done? What mysterious Asian goods did @laelfy find for @shes_so_high? What cycling jersey will @Aggpass get? How nice are @ghostpony’s haiku? How pampered does @nemrac feel with her Lush box? How incredible a job will @Bamnan do drawing @wileycat’s dog, and will @allnerve confirm how beautiful he is when he sees said pup in the flesh when he goes to stay? What post of andyvine’s will marckee like? Etc, etc.

Want to hear anything relating to people enjoying their prizes (giving/making/receiving) in this thread please :+1:

rich-t’s night out with xylo will definitely need its own thread though.


Thanks for the reminder that I need to find a box/padded envelope for this.

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Not yet, no

Posted in the other thread but done my donation on @Bamnan’a behalf. @chintzylacroix want me to Facebook message you my address?


Also, I have just left you all to sort out things between giver and receiver, but I can help in the middle if anyone wants me to :slight_smile:

Will be sending the Green Roasting Tin books out on Monday to the winners :+1:

@BodyInTheThames has given me some homework to do which I will do over the weekend, and then he’s gonna write a SMASH HIT for me and I’m very excited.


The hot sauce winners and I are hammering out the details currently. Tough negotiators, those lot. At least one of the sauces promises to be a bit crazy, and I have one pun sauce name I’m particularly proud of. I’m going to take the suggestions back to the lab and do a bit of experimenting and get the prizes all out early 2019.

Will they turn out any good? Will anyone have their faces literally melted off by sheer chilli power? Tune in January - same horse time, same horse channel.


I have held lengthy and comprehensive talks with @aboynamedgoo about his box o’ drinks and have been putting it together on and off this morning. Need to write some accompanying notes next. Will be posting next Wednesday I think.

Us badge winners need to decide on our exclusive group motto.


Anonymous and anonymous are ahead of the game here.


Those prizes I’m providing will be happening in the New Year sometime - @anon82218317 has already promised pics of her hair, if @Slicky is happy then will provide photos of her undercut too.


The decision on the animal has been made, and @anon67149139 is working his magic. I will save the actual reveal for when the bumpf arrives and I can post some pictures.


Location for one maps has been decided. Will post updates after I obtain the nessecary details.

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Heading to the post office.


I can’t believe not one of them would budge on my request for them to send me a vial of their sauce-induced tears. Who died and made them the arbiters of what is and isn’t, “weird and disturbing”?



Not quite @anon89873996

A SONG FOR JUKE: The thread

…is coming soon


Of the many outcomes of the raffle, this is among the most exciting :smiley:

I won’t be able to send my prizes to @WizardLizard @Scout and @keith for a couple of weeks cos I’m in Fuerteventura just now.


I wont be sending mine for a week or two either but as soon as I get some sweet sweet dollar I’ll make/send everything.

@incandenza is coming for cheesecake at the end of the month but I’ll make a second one for the dis state gig :kissing_heart:


Hope it’s a cover version of the famous Aerosmith tune Juke Looks Like A Lady or Hey Juke by The Beatles

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