Raffle prize receiving thread 🎁


Just want to say that although I’m still RAGING that I didn’t win one of these, I’m thoroughly enjoying these updates :+1:


Glad you’re enjoying them man. I’ve really loved making them, though I think the gf is getting a bit sick of the fridge being full of mysterious liquids, not to mention me regularly shoving spoonfuls of sauce under her nose and insisting she try my creations with no warning as to how much heat she’s about to endure.


Horsey, your sauce updates have all been a lot of fun, you are a credit to the good name of The Raffle :+1:


These all sound great. Do you do commissions?




I’m not sure how long they’ve been open and it’s the wrong side of town for me but the owner is lovely chap with vast knowledge of both of stores specialties. They’ve also just started serving beer on tap too!


INcredibly up for this ^! There’s a couple of gigs coming up that a few of us seem to be attending. Maybe something can be organised :slight_smile:


Hmm, that’s not something I’d considered but I suppose I could do. I’ll have a think about it.


Arrived home last night to receive my raffle prize from @ghostpony


My dad was all ‘you have a parcel from Toronto, were you expecting something’ Me: ‘it’s probably from someone I met while travelling’ (true)
Dad: ‘but google says the return address is in the central commercial district’
Me: ‘go get a hobby, please’


Yeah I’m definitely going to have to track this place down. It sounds like the dream pub/music store I’ve been fantasising about opening forever.


are they chocolate coins?


Ok this might be next week now. I’m unexpectedly busy this week. Sorry guys.


Yup :grinning:


I have no doubt in my mind that you’d absolutely love it bud! :slightly_smiling_face:



Can we make these a regular feature for the year?


I think a Colossal Sauce experimentation thread would definitely be popular.


My sister never knows what to get me for my birthday so that might be a good idea. Depends if you’re generally interested in doing it


I deffo would be, yeah. I’d just not be sure what to charge and would be a bit panicked about sending a disappointing sauce, what with them being experimental and all. Not all of them will be winners.

I’ll see if I can get these 3 done with everyone satisfied and no one poisoned*. All being well I’m sure we can work something out.

Might do a thread and crowdsource some wild, ridiculous sauce ideas as well. Could be fun.

*very unlikely. Honest.


Good things come to those who wait (and contain an experimental mix of tequila and lychee)