Raffle prize receiving thread 🎁


I wont be sending mine for a week or two either but as soon as I get some sweet sweet dollar I’ll make/send everything.

@incandenza is coming for cheesecake at the end of the month but I’ll make a second one for the dis state gig :kissing_heart:


Hope it’s a cover version of the famous Aerosmith tune Juke Looks Like A Lady or Hey Juke by The Beatles






If anyone who won the custom DiS badge prize has ~not~ recieved a PM from me, please let me know!


Still gutted I didn’t win one of these.


Left Hand Juke


Juke of Earl


I think the general consensus is that well all get the same but it’s up to everyone else really.


There’s always next year man :crossed_fingers:


The Jook of Love


Might have just adopted a Giant Monkey-Eating Amazonian Camouflage Tarantula. @The_Excession is gonna be over the fucking moon! :spider:


jook me all night long


Jook jook jook jookin’ out my back door


Nope it was always meant to be individual badges for each winner


So we’re not allowed to all have the same? Seems a bit harsh.


You could individually all ask for the same.


Aberystwyth box should be in the post on Tuesday. Stocked up on various items, currently low on snacks, so will have a look for a couple more in a bit. Stopped for a pint in Inn on the Pier for now though.


If that’s what you all want then sure, I thought individual ones would be cooler!


I’ll leave it up to the others to decide but what’s cooler than an exclusive badge club?