Raffle prize receiving thread 🎁


I’ll group message you all in a bit.


Popped some Disintegration State goodies in the post for @tricklenipple this afternoon



just realised I said thanks to @colossalhorse & @AphexTwinkletoes but not to yourself, really delighted to win such an excellent prize. cheers man!


No worries mate! This whole “raffle” concept was a pretty elaborate way to get some copies of our stuff but who am I to judge? :wink:



All chosen, written about and packaged up ready to go!


@andyvine, have you received your prize from @marckee yet?


@shes_so_high I have your prize all parcelled up I’ve just been lazy about going to a post office.


Excited for seeing what is in this one!


A bunch of random food mostly!


to the very best of my knowledge i have not, which is surprising considering the extreme high quality of my postingh


It’ll arrive soon, I am sure (mostly because the prize stipulated it be within a week :wink: ). Have you felt a feeling of suspense when you have made posts thinking that they could be the one?


every single post i post. didnt realise it was going to be within a week, ill have to post more pics of my dogs to make it easier for him


love the typos every time you mention how great your posts are, probably the best gimmick on DiS right now




Did it? Oh dear.


i didnt realise either, be reet


How can we be sure in another timeline he doesn’t like one of your posts without the prize, how can we be sure it is additional?




I’m saying when he likes the post, how do we know, in the alternative timelines where you didn’t win, that he wouldn’t have liked the post anyway