Raffle prize receiving thread 🎁


We know


You’ve totally lost the plot here.


I was joking


Of course, if you and @andyvine are both ok with extending it then there’s nothing stopping that.


Not even the will of the people?


I’ve gone through his posts from the past week, and I’ve got to admit, I am struggling.


ive been aiming high especially for you


When does the clock run out on this?


Maybe a special edition of post of the week where everyone only voted on your posts of the week, the winning post has to get the like. If terms and conditions allow


Technically, probably about now.


please make it this one @marckee


Post a really good fact that you googled. Or something technical that someone else posted about… That you googled.


No hurry! I was away in Berlin anyway!


All done and posted @aboynamedgoo, 5.248kg of tasty Devonian delights are on their way!


This including packaging or without?




Including box and bubble wrap. And address label. And tape.


im happy to wait til the end of the month. my posts get better the more i drink so he’ll defo find a winner in there somewhere


Posted it today so if a brown padded envelope arrives in the next few days it’s that and not your secret santa


@SenorDingDong has been a star with his prize. Got five dis approved films to look forward to when I get back to Brexit :slight_smile: