Rail Replacement Buses




On a Sunday. With a hangover.



Saw a really boring tweet about this subject

Can you please record a song with these lyrics?

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Better than non-replacement nothing tho tbh m8s

Serves you right for leaving the house.

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Of all the things to tweet about that didn’t happen.


That happened last night from London to Cambridge. Some drunken arse got into a fight so they stopped a train in Foxton to wait for the police, blocking the line. Basically cancelled all trains until it got unblocked.


Should have a jail cell carriage on every train IMO.

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Or just lock them in the worst toilet


You mean, any of them?

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Stop the train halfway between two stations and throw them out the doors.

If you have the time and are not in any hurry, rail replacement buses are better than the actual trains in my opinion. Reasons:

  • More often than not it’s a luxury coach so you get to travel in style (curtains on the windows, air con outlet above your head, those disposable cloth things on the head rest)

  • Depending where you’re going, the bus/coach is sometimes direct whereas the train would stop several times along the way

  • Tickets are never checked on rail replacements, so you have part or your entire journey absolutely free

  • The camaraderie and “blitz” spirit with the feeling that everyone is in this together, which might even result in an impromptu singalong

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For all my rail replacement badmouthing, I had to get one a while back from Putney Bridge to Wimbledon as the tube wasn’t running. They had one bus that stopped at every tube stop, but they had another bus that went direct to Wimbledon. And they didn’t have a working Oyster reader. Was brilliant. Like a free taxi.

Not in my experience. Tends to be reduced leg-room, more sharp turns from the bus when not on the motorway, not enough space to put a laptop out, make you put your bag under the bus so if you haven’t got it with you, you don’t have it for the entire journey.

Tend to find they follow the exact same routes as the train journey, which means having to go in and out of towns / cities and dealing with local traffic which a train wouldn’t have to as it uses train tracks which are pretty direct.

That’s true, though as a season ticket holder I feel like I’m being double shafted.

This is true, doesn’t always happen, but nice when it does.

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