Rail Strikes (Brighton and South East)

Sorry for a deeply boring topic but I couldn’t see any other chat about it

Anyone got any idea whether or not I might have any luck getting a train to London this Thurs (18th?)

Ideally from Brighton, but even from Gatwick would be doable

Seems like Southern isn’t on the list of operators striking (unless I’ve missed something), but the whole thing seems like a bit of a shambles (which I get is the point of strike action / power to the people! / etc)

Any insight would be useful, thanks

Sorry but do southern even have staff left to strike anymore?

sorry i dont know

i think the National Rail journey planner should know of any trains running

I think it’s the Network Rail staff who operate the tracks and signals, etc, who are on strike this time rather than the staff at the train operating companies, so you may be out of luck I’m afraid. I think some limited services are running, but it will probably say on the Southern website if that applies to them.

Felt like a dick so looked on their site (southen rail)

18th is a rmt strike day

Heres their advise


Travel advice – RMT strike day

We advise you to only travel if absolutely necessary and expect severe disruption.

The railway will operate limited opening hours with services starting later than normal and finishing in the late afternoon. Please check your first and last trains carefully, as there will be no alternative travel outside of these services.

Journey Planners will be updated as per above. You must check your journey immediately before you travel for the latest updates. Please see below for FAQs regarding your options.

Please see the service map below which will show what routes we plan to run on an RMT strike

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There are trains running but not many and the last leaving brighton is 5.45pm. Click on the journey planner above to see exact times

Ah thanks

You’ve (all) done a better job of researching this (in about 10mins) than me by the looks

I travelled to London from hove last time the strikes were on and it was ok. The only service was to Victoria and it was busy and slightly delayed but I got there ok.

This is the confusing thing!

I think that there was a reduced service from Brighton last time, but I can’t seem to work out if things are different this time around

Here we go, this info on the southern railway page is useful:

Are there any Brighton to London megabuses or national express services?

If not I sympathise - my mobility outside of a 5 mile radius is entirely dependent on trains as there are no national coach operators that run services in my area

Yeah there are - they depart from pool valley (opposite chalk)

echoing this.

services DO run, just intermittently and if you need to get somewhere quickly you’re out of luck