Rain [Audit]

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feelings about it

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lol forgot to actualy put the emojis in


raining, quite enjoying it. may even go on a short walk to the shop.

TQ7. Was raining, think it’s stopped. Love the rain.


my window faces upwards and my room is always hot

not a fan of the rain, but not too keen on the sun either

maybe I just bloody love complaining

Wouldn’t mind it usually but forgot my work pass and had to park miles away from the office, so got soaked.

Do one, rain.

raining, but kind of expected at this time of year, so dgaf.

when its pissing it down in July, thats when i get my rage on.

Rained early morn, sunny here now. Don’t mind it turning more Autumnal, it is almost October, just dread how much extra sniffles will exacerbate the current situation.

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:white_check_mark: garden needs it (oh god I’ve turned into my dad)

:x: muddy dog

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not raining at the moment but it was a) when i woke up in the night at half 5 (started when i had just got back into bed and i had to move my grandparents’ moving in card off the windowsill because it was getting wet) and b) again late morning. i like watching the rain from my new bedroom when it’s not a day where i want to go outside.

It’s a sunny 20°C in Stockholm

unprecedented for this time of year

It started as soon as I walked out of the supermarket! Haha! Couldn’t write it!

About 12 minutes ago, if you wondered

I certainly did


I’d like it to rain for an hour and then stop

BN1 threatened rain all morning but didn’t rain. Started to rain while I popped out on an errand, stopped after less than five minutes.

E17 - intermittent rain. Garden thankful.

don’t like it in the 20min window I have to walk from the train to work, otherwise I like it

Didn’t really rain while I was walking the kid to school, the second she was inside it started pelting, but I’d already committed to walking the dog at that point (as the dog was with me) so I had to take her to the park, at which point, being wet, she was a total dick. It’s nice now though, and I quite like the rain.

as long as your skeleton is always wet rain is optional

what about a business where you can get a water replacement for your skeleton

Could call it ‘Bodies Of Water’.

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