Rain [Audit]

‘for when you’ve had a skinful’

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‘An Umbrella Company’.

Absolutely pissing it down here.

Hate, hate, hate it when it rains in September after a sunny period, genuinely brings me down. Proper end of the summer vibes, which are particularly shit this year.

It’s raining now. My boyfriend has opened the window to smell the rain.

I went out for a walk about an hour ago. It was raining a bit. By the time I got to the allotment it was raining a bit more. By the time I got home it was raining a bit more still.

I didn’t really mind.

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I could take a bit more if i’m honest.

I wish I could enjoy rain again. I don’t know when I last did.

so many times I’ve gotten soaked and not been able to change and felt awful, especially when cycling. or gotten wet when in a stressful rush to get somewhere.

just tied up in my mind to so many horrible experiences

also it means I can’t skate rn.

idk, everything feels awful now, but especially rain.