Rain situation discussion



You’re out in the rain, you have an umbrella, a hood or some other rain protection mechanism. You come to short covered part of your journey (under a building for example), do you put down your umbrella etc or be lazy and continue keep it up?

I’ve lost the enthusiasm for this thread but I have to post it now.


Think I’d probably put it down but I’d have to see the building in question to give a definitive answer




Will I be visiting the basement of this building or simply passing through some kind of vestibule?




here, for example:

Note: it wasn’t raining when this photo was taken


used an umbrella this morning (hate umbrellas) and came across a few situations like that

i put it down


I wouldn’t be using an umbrella as it is raining


That’s a down for me Fops


this is no help


I think “listen to your heart” is the best advice I can offer.


I’d probably take my hood / umbrella down.

(I don’t own an umbrella, though)


Probably want to fuck off the umbrella altogether through really. Just wear a hood, do what you want with it.


hoods >>> umbrellas

  • Hood
  • Umbrella
  • Newspaper/briefcase
  • Vehicle/stay indoors

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it’s all you can do


it’s quite short though, by the time that umbrella is down and compacted, it’s time to put it up again. Unless of course you’re not going to compact it, just put it down.


wide thoroughfare, low chance of getting in someone’s way = drop my brolly to the side like this:




literally aghast at why you wouldn’t like crisps’ post in this circumstance