Rain watch (July 2021 Edition)

Right we have words from the fens that rain is on the way. You know the drill, postcode and status.

I’ve set myself up facing east. Gonna just put my feet up and wait for it to roll in.


SW9 - no rain

A nice big meaty thunderstorm that goes on for a good few hours would be absolutely perfect right now.


This thread is distasteful for those of us who have another 2 days of this.

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se6: just… nothing

thermometer in lounge showing 30 degrees in here ffs

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Live lightning map!

Real Time Lightning Map :: LightningMaps.org;

(no rain in E11 yet)


No rain in CR7 yet.

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Look out, snodland!

Cardiff currently


Basildon seems to be taking a battering.

Always the east having fun with the thunderstorms. West only gets rain in the form of persistent drizzle.

lightning in bexleyheath. that’s… not london but it’s getting closer.

I think I hear rain in NN18!!!


Rain in SO23

lol ofc not

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ban him, mods

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Have abandoned work and am stood in the garden enjoying the rain

RG12 - no sign of rain, none forecast until friday, currently 32 degrees. Fine with me