Rain watch (July 2021 Edition)


Never gonna rain again

It’s very windy here at the moment

Guilty feet have got no rhythm
Though it’s easy to pretend
I know you’re not a fool

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Holy shiitake mushrooms, that was some rain. I timed my bike ride home from work so very badly, I couldn’t see at one point. Seems to have just started up again.

what area are you in?!

G42: Not a cloud in the sky

It’s gone in CB4. We’ve had our fun. Bastard sun is back out.

your postcode kinda looks like ‘cba’

It’s a 4

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ur a 4

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just noticed that lightning map has a 2.2 second delay


That means that’s it’s, what, 0.4 miles away?


PE30: a hell of a lot of thunder but no rain just yet

RG30: still 32 degrees, rain forecast downgraded to not expected from various earlier false expectations.

the bbc website still says thundery showers until 9pm and they’d better deliver


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Just got a rumble of thunder in E11

the blinds in my office are going wild in anticipation

Every time I open that Lightning map I get distracted by that bit of trainline between Redhill and Ashford and lose all interest in lightning. Real shame, as it might sometimes be fun to watch slightly delayed lightning.

It must be one of the straightest railway lines in the country