Rainbow Monday

Morning all, saw a nice rainbow from the bus stop this morning. Let’s hear it for the internal reflection of light in water droplets!

Going to work now, taken a chance on shorts. How cold and wet can it be?



Went round a mate’s last night for a few beers and a chinese. Starved of sport we ended up watching baseball - incredible how little happens and how fucking dull and slow it is but we kept watching. Then a bit of darts - much more lively.

Anyway my box from gousto arrived while i was out and i totally forgot to bring it in and put it away last night. Remembered at about 7am and had to bring in a sodden box - now I’m awake too early and not embracing a child free lie-in, the way i had intended.

Alright. This is the start of a full week of working at home with the kids around. Eldest has full blown chicken pox. My son is staying away from nursery on Tuesday and Thursday as a precaution to stop him transmitting them to ruin someone’s summer. Gonna be a husk by the end of this week.

So a low-key day in store.

Should i go see the cirque du soleil?

  • oui
  • non
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Le depends

If you’re like me and won’t like it then non, if you’re like my mum and will like it then oui


Didn’t even consider that i wouldn’t like it

What’s not to like about it?

I think I’m your mum


Scone for breakfast at least tbf

I think in a way I’ve always known you were

I was a bit bored, only so many times I can watch a person do a backflip. I was also about 12 and wanted to go home and play Star Wars Battlefront II (2005) so that might have been a factor.

If you think you’ll like it then yeah. Nice to go see stuff you like innit. Get a bag of Revels, make a night of it.


Lowered my dose from 20mg to 10mg and now I’m already like urgh, Monday morning can’t be fucking arsed with anything. What life used to be like.

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Should probably consider thinking about getting out of bed.

Packing up orders and listening to the northern soul prom (it’s fucking brilliant btw). The main programme we use for work isn’t working on my computer so it might just be a DiS day, sorry.

hope nobody talks to me today


I’m in the middle of changing meds and I’m a mess, didn’t realise it was this bad

Morning, eating toast, looking at that surfboard stealing otter, sending bad vibes to bankers

Boring massive rant

Did a balance transfer on my credit card to avoid interest, they also gave me a higher limit, and i kept my old account open (even though I’m paying a monthly fee for absolutely nothing now) as the higher limit and not closing accounts are all good for your credit report, as the credit score report previously told me. Checked it today ready to bask in inching up a few ‘OK’ notches. Oh yeah…oh, oh no. Opening the new account has put me into the even worse category :upside_down_face: It’s lile they want to keep low income people exactly where they are or something

Morning all!

We’re driving home to Glasgow today via my mam’s and a coffee with my brother. It’s been a nice weekend but I cannot wait to be in my own house again.

I’ve been really enjoying seeing everyone on their way to school this morning and calling them losers.

I delivered some cans of Stella to my mate’s house on the way. He didn’t know they were coming so I’ve just left them on his doorstep like the Stella fairy.


Is your credit score a bit like body weight where you need to wait a bit before you see effects? I imagine once they see you are paying off the transferred debt, it should improve your score.


Vibing to a Greek version of Gangster’s Paradise at Athens airport.

Excited to get home to normal temperatures.

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