Rainforest cafe, yes or no?

  • Yes
  • No

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Shit for cunts.




Do they even serve Stella?


I believe they do!


I went there once for someone’s birthday. She was 24, not 4. It felt wrong.


Yes, they exist.


Well that explains it.


You’d have felt less wrong going to a 4 year old’s birthday?


are they humid?


So I googled this and I am still none the wiser. Could someone please explain what on earth this is?





Sorry, I should have made clear that was what I gathered from their website.


I can’t remember. Felt a bit like a laser quest inside I guess


sounds really good


It’s a rainforest themed burger chain which has animatronic animals and jungle sound and lighting effects aimed at children and people who for some reason want to eat a sub standard dinner surrounded by a robotic cast of the Lion King.


rain? forest? cafe!


If it was my four-year-old niece then it’d be fine. It’s to please a child who knows no better and for whom such a place seems to have been designed. being one of a group of all adults felt wrong.


You’re damn right