Raining outside right now, falling pure, dead, straight down. Thinking you don’t really see that very often do you? Think about it. Like straight as a die, zero wind whatsoever.

Regail us with your favourite rain stories. Storms you got caught in that led to inevitable coitus, etc.

Aye, I’m bored.


I love being in a car in really heavy rain. I find it dead funny.


sunny as fuck here, bud


(Pesci voice) Funny how?

I like it because you end up with a perfectly clean windshield when it goes off.


I dunno. Just the feeling of the rain smashing about outside while you’re all calm in a car.


I’m happy for you.


are you the driver? this doesn’t sound like you’re the driver


of course I’m not the driver


(I don’t drive on the mainland etc etc)


only happy when it rains


well, from a drivers perspective…this sort of rain is the complete opposite of calming


alright deep-blue


I have a memory of walking to the train station after my last A Level exam (Brockenhurst College, 1997). It was pissing down with rain and Bittersweet Symphony was playing on my Walkman. Felt like an absolute fucking boss.


^This is exactly what I’m talking about!


I was walking through Madrid a few summers ago, little bit pissed on red wine after we’d loaded in and started soundcheck. I was listening to Age of Adz, a bit tired and emotional after three weeks on the road, and it started to rain lightly on what was otherwise a lovely sunny day. I got all overwhelmed at how beautiful life was and how lucky I was and had a bit of a weep to myself as I strolled through the city, miles from home. :cloud_rain:


Beautiful :cry::hearts: