Rainwatch July 2018

Been a while, hasn’t it?

E17 - becoming overcast with some quite dark grey clouds forming but nothing significant to report

G2: no rain

RG22: no rain for what feels like months.

Had a few drops middle of last week. Had to get my wife to bring the crop in!

light rain on saturday evening.

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Was it Wednesday evening it rained a bit?

Hasn’t rained one drop in oxford for at least four weeks

There was some actual drizzle on my ride in this morning (Cambridge). Before that I think the last time was maybe early June?

Last Thursday we had such a torrential downpour that this happened:

Absolutely dry as a bone since though.

There were a few drops in B-Town last night. Luckily I noticed (patio doors were open) and I got the washing in sharpish

There were a couple of showers to the south of London on wednesday evening - we lost some play at Wimbledon when we were there that day.

Up where I live, there hasn’t been any rain for over a month:


Here we fucking go!


Thunder and rain spotted in Brighton 16:25

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Oh yes, gimme some of that petrichor

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That’s the shite we didn’t want in Surrey

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Wc1: same

Like a fucking idiot I forgot to bring a coat or umbrella to work today. Just walked to the station and I’m absolutely drenched.

Blimey Charlie

It stopped, then started, now stopped.

If that’s all we’re getting I’ll be angry