Rainy Thursday

Here’s a daily thread for you all to enjoy.

Is it raining where you are? It is here.

Morning Rob. Was raining, now not raining. Unfortunately the rain coincided with me walking my kid to nursery. Late shift today. Off to work on the late shift. 4 days to go until a week off. Much needed. Currently lounging on the sofa watching The Watcher on Netflix

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It is indeed raining.

Think I’ve picked up the chest infection my wife has had for the past week or so. Send Lucozade.


The rain was so loud last night, think i saw a bit of lightning too. Raining still but its nice, I’ve lit some candles and have a cosy jumper on amd watching early Prime Suspect before heading to town :relaxed:

Chose a quick recipe for dinner tonight but have just read i need to soak the rice for a minimum of 8 hours so I guess its not that quick after all :see_no_evil:

I need to leave for work very soon and I do not want to go out in the rain.

I did the school run with Jimbo this morning. We were walking up the hill and he said to me “have you heard of the industrial revolution”, and I replied yes, thinking he’d done at school and he was going to give me some great facts. The boy does love a fact. But then he looks at me and in the most peculiar phrase for a seven year old he says “Can you talk me through it?”. WTF?

Anyway, no doubt he’ll do it at school before long and they’ll cover the national curriculum stuff and not mention at all the local history relating to it which might actually engage the kids. They just did the Bronze age and didn’t mention to them at all that there’s a massively important Bronze age site in Hove


Absolutely horrible weather, i’m hungover, i overslept. Roll on the weekend

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Had a dream that it was my first day as a teacher at my old school. Woke up in cold sweats. Properly put me out of my stride for the day.

Apologies, appreciate that bar talking about weddings, dream chat is the dullest subject possible.

Yep raining here and very loud road fixing folk digging up the pavement right outside. The machines are loud, not the people. The people seem fine, had to mention that they’d cracked the step from digging yesterday. A film will not be made of this story.

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Morning all!

My sleep was very interrupted for glucose and child reasons. The Child woke up in the middle of the night and wandered through to our room. It took me five minutes of talking to her to check my phone and realise it was 3am.

She’s at holiday club today. I’m waiting for the bathroom fitter to come and do some measurements before I brew a coffee and play Assassin’s Creed all afternoon.

It’s grey, rained overnight and this morning but it’s not now.

Not posted in one of these for ages, mainly because I have absolutely nothing of interest to say. Hi.


It’s never stopped the rest of us.



Very rainy here, was up at half 5 with baby and we have no coffee :weary: need to get out to the shop soon but also very busy with work (not to busy to tell you all about it, I suppose) and have a friend visiting over lunchtime to tidy up for.

M has a school trip coming up where they’re going to the city centre to learn to be tour guides and the teacher knows its my job and hasn’t asked me to volunteer :woman_shrugging:t2:

Looked at the intinerary and they’re going to be in the city centre for like an hour tops. Pure raging that they’re just going to go to St Peter’s Square then and undoubtedly the teacher will make the usual tour guide faux pas of telling them the Midland was Hitler’s favourite building, so I’m going to preempt this and prepare M with an “actually Mr Way, I think you’ll find…”


Rain and fog. Blergh.

Got an interview later and a busier than usual work day. Still building motivation tbh.

Please could you train in a bit of “let’s not get involved with the humanisation and rehabilitation of facists by talking about their favourite things” too?


Hi pals

Managed to power through without sleep for 30+ hours and went to bed just after 9pm. Hope I don’t feel jetlagged when I’m back at work tomorrow, even though I woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep
Have planned a productive day, hope I manage to tick off all the things on my little list.

Has anyone used this website and can vouch for it being legit?


Gonna do fuck all today besides existing

You might need to rehearse this with her so the delivery works.

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Absolutely chucking it down here m9s, working from a hotel lobby for the day then trekking it back home in the evening. Kind of wish I was in London for this