Raisins or sultanas

“Depends what you’re using them for”

No it doesn’t.

  • Raisins
  • Sultanas

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Please move this to currant affairs


Sultana Bran

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  • Both of them can get in the bin

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Same thing aren’t they.

Like granola and muesli.

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Raisin Arizona

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California Sultanas only they play trombone instead of saxophone

also Trombone Champ

there’s a 10k likes tweet in here somewhere

I like to think of a sultana as a ‘big raisin’ even though they’re actually smaller

What actually is the difference? Ones a grape and the other is ???


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Are they not? I think sultanas are bigger. Certainly ‘plumper’,

Sultanas have shit added to them, raisins don’t


No they have a chemical or something added to them to dry them faster while raisins are done naturally

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Is it cos raisins are sun dried naturally but for sultanas chemicals are used so they are cheaper ?

Sultana? I hardly know her!


Voted raisins cause Rum Raisin ice cream.

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lighter coloured grape.

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Both vile vile vile. But if a raisin is very very small and hard like in those biscuits then i can stomach them. Sultanas though :face_vomiting:


Aren’t those currants which I think are dtied blackcurrants or something?

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