Anyone seen them live? Just announced a gig in Cardiff. One to tick off my bucket list. Been watching highlights videos all night.

The pyros at 1min are incredible!

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They’re one of my massively need to see bands. Relly enjoyed their new album too, so probably shpuld see them on this tour.

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Think it says a lot about the band when they have to rely on pyros and gimmicked shows

It’s called a show for a reason :wink:


A mate got me a gig pretending to be camera crew at Sonsiphere in 2010 when Rammstein were one of the headliners. Knew absolutely nothing about their live shows before seeing them, so spent a fair bit of the set grinning from ear to ear in full ‘What the fuck?’ mode. Would absolutely recommend seeing them live to anyone, regardless of whether you love the music or not.

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Greatly entertained at the prospect of nearly 1/4 of Cardiffs population going to this at the principality stadium.

This would imply that people who don’t like Rammstein go and see them for the show alone.

I do not believe this for a second.

Go to see the great hits like Pussy

They don’t have hits do they?

One of my biggest gig regrets is having a ticket for Manchester MEN in 2012 and bailing because of bad weather and laziness. Hate myself for that one.

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Nah its bloody awesome when a butt load of fireworks go off from behind the stage.

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Honestly had no idea they were this big in 2019. Saw this post and automatically assumed they were playing the Motorpoint. Wow.

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get me a ticket pls

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Mate, I hate this band but even I have to concede them this one (heavy “if you like that sort of thing” caveat):


Breathtakingly huge, and it’s global. They did a stadium show in the Netherlands earlier this year which sold out in seconds; tickets for their next stadium show here go on sale tomorrow morning and will probably sell out the same day.

Particularly galling for me as I kinda live in this world (i wrote for metal hammer until recently), but I thought their popularity was contained to the subculture. Rammstein: Globally Massive Stadium Band totally passed me by.

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Been playing a bit of this for the tiny comrade, he likes bouncy industrial music (NIN too)





Top lads


Absolutey great bunch o lads

essentially a pyrotechnics display with a distinctly average soundtrack :frowning:

But WHAT a pyrotechnics display and WHAT a distinctly average soundtrack.