Got tickets this morning. Well excited. I’m 40 next year so ticking off bands before i’m accused of having a mid life crisis.

Ive not listened to a Rammstein album for about 10 years but i dont think that’s going to matter


I’m so naive, thought I might get a ticket for £40 or £50. Cheapest is over £80. Too steep for me :frowning:



Yep, this a tune.

Man this thread… people talking as if they don’t have shitloads of bangers

(To name a few)


Saw them back in 2010 and they were incredible, amazing stage presence, pyrotechnics, jizz cannons, yer man on keyboards riding a dingy through the audience, fella on fire during Benzin. Cracking stuff, a uniquely brilliant band, with loads of bangers.


I reckon you’ll get one nearer the time at that price as it clashes with Download so people may be trying to shift them to go that

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Love the guitar sound in the chorus on this track. Sounds huge, reminds me of Mogwai’s “Helicon 1” in a way

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When I saw the keyboard player was in a mirror all suit and was playing whilst running on a treadmill :laughing:

They’re fucking great. :+1:

I’m pretty sure this band is from Ramstein Germany correct? I am an American living in Ramstein but everyone knows about this band if they haven’t already. You got to see them live for sure. Here’s one of my favorite songs by them :

Great bunch of lads. New stuff sounds decent, I should really see them live. Still enjoy blasting this track out

Singer’s in an ICU with Covid19 :-/

Ah fuck

The 57-year-old Till , who was originally in critical condition, is now said to be feeling better and his life is no longer in danger.

Thankfully seems to be recovering :pray:


I know this is in no way relevant but I had no idea he was 57. Have Rammstein been going that long?

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I think he’s quite a bit older than the other members, iirc he was around 30 when they started

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That surprised me too, he doesn’t look 57!

They formed in 1994.

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Sorry I know this is a very old question but they’re from Berlin, they’re just named after the army base in Rammstein

I hope they come to London if they’re visiting our shores in the near future - definitely on my ‘watch list’.

They’ve lots of cracking songs - Sonne, Du Hast, Benzin, Links etc.

Also, the Mein Land video still cracks me up: