Ran a red light nd crashed my car today


Aye, was my fault, was driving while very tired. Didn’t really damage the other car, but bumper is off mine.

Good craic.

Wee man I crashed into was nice, but he called the police, but I can’t complain. Stupidly agreed that I ran the light so idk what will happen. Policeman told me I wouldn’t be prosecuted but idk.


Dont know how you want us to react to this


Hmm I’m not sure either


Tbh I hold myself in utter contempt for this


Just be glad no one got hurt. Expect a fine and points


Yeah, that’s the positive. Policeman also said I could be put through one of those speed schemes.he also said that nothing might happen but that’s probably not true


and we’ll all float on, okay


Can’t say I’ve always been an angel behind the wheel. But I probably wouldn’t describe driving in such an unfit state that you ran a red light and caused a collision as “good craic”. Go get some sleep.


Why’s it stupid to admit you ran the red light? You did. Being honest saves everyone a lot of bother.

Hope everyone involved was ok


Pretty sure he isn’t saying that seriously.


Tone of the OP was weirdly flippant, though.


Gotta say I’m massively irked by ccb’s response here. Poor pinky


Oh great, now I’m the bastard!


pinkybrain ran the red light
pinky brain all over the road


ran a red light and crashed my car kill me now


Are you TBO?


Unless it’s on camera or a copper saw you do it, I doubt there’s anything that can be done about you going through the red light or any other careless/dangerous driving.


Just my writing style, I never put too much effort in, tho I appreciate why it may seem flippant.


Ah okay. I was being a bit harsh as well; hope all resolves itself.


Ah dw you weren’t harsh at all mate