Random acts of kindness day

I’ve just been informed by my building management company that today is random acts of kindness day. (they’re putting on an online seminar from a motivational speaker talking about kindness at 6pm for residents)

So lets talk random acts of kindness.

You been kind to someone for no reason lately?
Anyone been kind to you?

I’ll start us off;
Giving- when i was walking in town on saturday a ladies hat blew off in a strong wind and i ran and caught it for her
Receiving- Someone from dis sent me some stickers through the post

Gave someone their brilliant dog back when the legal principle of finders keepers said she was mine now


Bought a Cribs Christmas jumper which I didnt want so offered to send it to anyone who wants it. A mate on Instagram said their friend would love it, so posted it to them. Haven’t heard a word from the person who received it. Last time I do anything nice


Giving - Asked my girlfriend if she wanted any banana because there was only one left and I’d usually just eat it and we discussed that that wasn’t cool. She didn’t want any, but thanked me for asking. I ate the whole banana.

Receiving - My girlfriend made a giant brownie last night and we’ve eaten most of it already.

Giving - sent some people here a bunch of stuff in the post

Receiving - some people here have sent me an amazing bunch of stuff in the post.



Hate this

Once really put myself out salvaging a bike spare and sending it to a stranger on the internet to help them out

Not a word of thanks or acknowledgement from them

Tempted to send an invoice in the post to them actually


Random guy I follow on Twitter who’s writing I occasionally enjoy tweeted that he needed to borrow some money as he was in a tight spot. Sent him some via PayPal - fully intending not to ask for it back. He never acknowledged it and deleted the tweet.


Guys, tomorrow is Moaning about Random Acts of Kindness day

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Bloody hell. People are shits