Random Acts of Kindness (rolling)


One of my colleagues bought me a coffee earlier. That might not seem like much, but there’s really not a culture of that here and it’s never happened before. It’s given me a nice warm glow and restored my faith in humanity. Have you been at either end of a random act of kindness recently?


Unlucky mate, you’re now in an implied mutual coffee making contract for the rest of your work days. Better find a new job.


What did they ask you to do afterwards?


Nah, it’s rare that I see anyone from my floor down near the coffee shop, let alone someone I’d talk to. I think I’m safe

They just had a big old rant about a project that we’re both working on (that they’re bearing the brunt of).

Anyway, stop derailing my thread. I want random acts of kindness, not cynicism!


As a kindness to you I will now exit your thread. Good day.


Someone once bought me a coffee and allowed me the 2 stamps on my loyalty card. What a day that was.


Today’s favour is tomorrow’s obligation


imagine he just upped and quit right there and then.

that’s the way to go 1-0 up


I’ve been giving away my free Saino’s lego cards to random people in the queue who look like they have kids. Cost to me is zero - but it makes me feel like a goddam philanthropist


barmaid at local gave me an extra stamp on my loyalty card last night. I’m only 7 away from a free pint now.


This is good peoplez. I resent those that see me with my son but say no when offered them.


Or possibly poisoned by a Russian spy/tourist


Found out the other day en route to the ferry that we’d booked the ticket for the wrong day. Got to the terminal all flustered and anxious, expecting the worst. Ferryman just gave us a wink, said no bother, and printed a new ticket for free. Spent about an hour thinking about how kind he’d been before reading online that it was just company policy. Pissed on my chips a bit, but still feel a bit indebted.


Always like it when someone offers you an unspent parking sticker. Feels like they’re being generous while also sharing an unspoken ‘tsskk, price of parking these days/fuck the system’ moment.


Me too!


Cashiers in the local Sainsbury’s give me extra packs if I go in with the kids. New Cross Sainsbury’s staff :+1:


I’ve just been in and did it again - went to the lady in the queue behind me who gives them to her grandson.

What can I say, I live to give


Fucking hell. The other day I spent £108 in Sainsbury’s and the fucker gave me 8 packets. I say ‘hold up pal. I should have ten’. No you spent £25 on spirits and the cards are only valid on non-spirits spend. Unbelievable!

Got absolutely shitted though.


Not sure exactly what safeguard they are trying to provide here. Don’t think it’s all booze spend as I was availing myself of their 25% off 6 bottles of wine at the time :+1:


Last time we went to a swap in a cafe in a park so I’m not too worried yet and got everything we needed. Lego aren’t going to curb my drinking!