Random Acts of Kindness (rolling)

If i get a daily ticket for the bus or tram i stick it to the stop when i get off so someone else can use it.

Fuck the tories.


I found £2 in a self service check out till and though RESULT! Then I thought what if this is being filmed for ‘this person’s a twat’ or whatever so I stuck it in the chazzer till at the customer service desk.


Collecting the Lego cards for the kids in my class. Get the impression when the young people on the tills (Saturday job students possibly) are asking the question whether I want them because they have to and obviously recognise I’m way too much of a chilled out entertainer to have my own kids. Feel like explaining but also can feel surprised looks from people behind me in the queue - that strange man is collecting Lego cards!

Maybe you look like a fat, random old man?



I don’t like it when people do that, making me commit a low level crime out of politeness