Rank holiday Monday thread



I’ll be going for a bike ride then having a bath/ face mask/spa style fun times.

Started watching the godfather films So will carry on with that too


Morning all

It’s looking like quite a sunny day here. There’s a nice walk by a river that we might do (there’s a bit that’s good for paddling and it never seems to be particularly busy even in pre-covid times).

Getting increasingly fed up with the people on our street: seems to be an increase in people shouting at night / generally dicking about and waking me up. But what can you do, eh?


(I’m sorry for you having rubbish neighbours :frowning:)


Good morning @Matt_was_taken, good morning @colon_closed_bracket and @anon89873996, good morning DiS! Many happy returns to Sir Ian McKellen and Anne Heche, happy anniversary to Star Wars, and salutations to those among us who celebrate American National Tap Dance Day, and don’t panic.

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Meant to be making something for lunchdinner but looking at the recipes and trying to figure out the logistics is making my head hurt so maybe not.

So in lieu of that I guess no plans today until… Film club :partying_face:

Haha, corrected now

My immediate neighbours are actually great and no bother. It’s people walking past /on the way to getting drugs / hanging around waiting for dealers / coming back wrecked from somewhere :confused:

Hi guys. Off this week, so obviously I woke up at 5.25. yes! Given kiddo her Weetabix and blueberries and about to have tea and toast myself. Lots of blue tit action on the feeder this morning. Kiddo is loving it. Listening to Neil Young - Harvest Moon for those nostalgia feels. Probably walk in a bit.


The TV decided to book a yoga class for 7.30 on a bank holiday so I am tired and awake and grumpy after his alarm went off at 7

Only thing for it is to put a frozen pain au chocolat in the oven


Just ran 10k, it’s really nice and sunny. Met a three-legged dog and saw some big fish splashing in the canal so that was good :fish: Slightly regretting not booking today off work but just gonna open the windows and listen to some music whilst pottering through my to-do list :white_check_mark:


morning all :wave:

my wife is working today so alarm went off at the normal time, hence being up already. went to bed far too late last night so not going to lie, feel pretty tired right now.

day ahead is likely to consist of some admin :partying_face: and some gardening :sweat:. and gaming obviously, but that’s a given for pretty much any day for me. also rumours of us having a roast dinner today for the first time in absolutely ages so that could be good?

Off on a long walk to see some ducks


It’s a big bank holiday BBQ here.

Then sitting in the garden reading and maybe potting on some of my seedlings.


finally caved in and made banana bread



Current situation

Glorious day down here, going to go for a bike after breakfast. Got some boring cleaning to do. Also want to make music.


Zero proper plans for the day. Jimbo’s got a zoom party but that’ll last all of fifteen minutes. Who knows about the rest of the day. Probably sitting in the garden.

Reports are unfortunately not going to write themselves. I’ve set myself the target of 3 for the day.

I’ll be starting them any minute now.

Any minute…nowww…

Once you’ve done three you’ve pretty much done them all.

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She’s doing a “breakfast tortilla” again.


Morning all!

No plans at all today. I intend to roast some radishes for a salad at lunch but have no firm ideas for tea.

The weather seems nice outside.