Rank holiday Monday thread

I’m gonna report her to the Mexican government or something.

Gonna eat some (super market own brand) shreddies

Gonna bake some bread.

Probably wander somewhere.

Can you also report @ericVI for crimes against pronunciation as well

Morning all, got some work to do, got some general hanging out to do, might do a small bbq later, who even knows! Weather is delightful here.


Dog walk
Sitting on my arse
Pizza :pizza:

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Well Pinky, I’m going to do the same thing I do every day

(Insert mundane description and/or thursday content here)

Woke up from a dream where @kermitwormit showed us a documentary about how miraculous her birth was


Getting ready for the gym.
Not sure I’m up for this. :man_shrugging:t2:

Turns out I didn’t get up after I “got up” at 7am, got a glass of water and had a wee. Turns out I actually “went back to bed”.

Anyway, just had a dream about Hugh Dennis.


So what you’re saying is that Kermit is actually Jesus?


Your own. Personal. Kermit.


Morning DiS!

Plans for today are:
Nice sunny walk
Continue Persona 5 playing
Feel guilty for not working each hour
Eat a cake we got from the market
Stop my cat trying to destroy the house
Skype partners parents
Sleep :sleeping:


I think there was some kind of sledging accident in there somewhere… so yes

Might finish Circe today

Also watch more Normal People

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In my head, in this documentary she’s like Chelsea Peretti’s character in Brooklyn Nine Nine


Wish I remembered more of the details


Went around Aldi first thing for some bits and bobs for work and it was absolutely dead - everyone is probably on the M5 on the way down to Weston for the day.

Just took doggo out for a walk and now I’m gonna have some scrambled eggs on a bagel.

Probably lie in the sun for a bit and then have a few hours sleep before work tonight.

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Today is my dad’s 70th Birthday.

My plan was to just drop of his presents at the gate and step back and talk for a bit. But everyone else wants to do more than that.

Mum and dad want me to go to the back garden for a couple of hours, I’d wear a mask, have hand sanitiser, socially distance and just talk. It would just be three of us.

Later my parents are planning on sitting in my sisters back garden, both households have been on complete lockdown and haven’t seen anyone. They only live minutes walk apart, so I see theit logic and it being safer than a park with strangers. And they’d socially distance, wash hands etc.

But they are pretty insistent I go as well. I feel really mean constantly saying no. I’m feeling pretty down about it and not going. I’m not sure if I’m going to break or not.