Rank your Family Members

  1. Mum
  2. Sister
  3. Eldest Brother
  4. Dad
  5. 2nd Eldest Brother
  6. Cousin Martin
  7. Cousin Anthony
  8. Cousin Laura
  9. Auntie Margaret
  10. Uncle Stephen
  11. Uncle Paul #1
  12. Auntie Barbera
  13. Cousin Laura’s kid Thomas…

Shit forgot my niece and can’t be arsed re-doing all the numbers. She’s #3 at present.

Living ones only?


  1. Daughter
  2. Brother
  3. Mum

I do have family on my dad’s side but haven’t spoken to them since I was 19 so they’re all joint 100.

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  1. Mrs Z
  2. @he_2
  3. Everyone else.

Very happy to be equal 3rd thanks.


You’re welcome.

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do you have to marry someone to become their family if you’re not already?
that’s sick if true

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  1. Eddie (cat)
  2. Mrs Underscore Iron
  3. Ma and pa - too close to call
  4. Sister
  5. The rest

Oh hang on. I forgot some good distant relatives as I’ve either never met them or only once but they’re good based on living in exciting places.

  1. Cousin in Tokyo’s oldest kid
  2. Great uncle in Ecuador
  3. Cousin in Tokyo
  4. Oldest cousin in Vancouver
  5. Aunty in Vancouver
  6. Cousin in Tokyo’s youngest kid

I’m one of 7 kids, my dad was one of 12. Allow it.

  1. Mum
  2. Sister
  3. Sister’s baby
  4. Mike & Dot (got a rabbit)
  5. All those people I don’t really know but my mum hangs out with.

That’s my epiphet sorted then :slightly_smiling_face:

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But right now it is…

Guaranteed himself a place on your list hasn’t he, clever.

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He’s put me under unecessary pressure, yes :wink:

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#1 Mr Meowington/Golf Bae
#2 Mum
#3 Dad
#4 Our child, Princess
#5 Nanny Pat
#6 Unborn niece or nephew
#7 Brother’s Girlfriend
#8 Brother
#9 Everyone else

I’m not married but we are our own family.

I really get great pleasure telling everyone that we have a child together and she’s 14 years old and is a cat called princess.

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Auntie T
Auntie J
Uncle T
Auntie P

Can’t arsed with cousins like