Yeah I know this sounds rank but I had some chillli and lime crisps the other day so thought what the fuck.

Rank. In the bin.


The fuck is wrong with you? Caramelised onion on pizza and now this. Smh man.


In a clear plastic bag?


what’s the { for?


Needed a fifth character


Cheese and lime doesn’t sound like a winner to me.


That is cellophane, Nicola.


Yeah but I am the opposite of those ‘oh I have never tried aubergine’ types. I’m a pioneer. I’m at the coalface.


Crisps in cellophane? What a world.


That’s a piece of the old Käse!


You better be trolling here after this morning’s ‘I can read really well’ posts.


What the fuck am I looking at here? A piece of cheese or some crisps?


So true. I heard you were eating Mangosteen in the early 90s and that you introduced Jay Rayner to Chocopologie Truffle.


Oh wait, are you saying you had some chilli and lime crisps so decided to then buy some chilli and lime cheese, and THAT was rank?


Why do people think this is about crisps?



By golly you’ve cracked it!


I’m not putting it in my body so obviously I didn’t read the OP, what the fuck do you take me for?


Stop going on about crisps then.


It’s not really that clear that it’s cheese.


So you liked the crisps and then you didn’t like the crisps?

@crisps ?